Opinion: Why The Battle Of The Atlantic Needs A Memorial



From Sky News.

An estimated 100,000 people lost their lives during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War Two, but the event does not have a dedicated national memorial in Britain.

Now, a charity – The Battle of the Atlantic Memorial – is launching a £2.5m fundraising campaign to build a memorial in Liverpool dedicated to those who died, as well as those who served and survived.

The charity’s chairman, Vice-Admiral Mike Gretton, whose father Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Gretton served during the battle as an Atlantic Escort Group commander, tells his story:

I have been passionately involved in the scheme to erect a memorial to the Battle of the Atlantic for four main reasons.

The campaign was absolutely critical to the outcome of World War Two as the merchant ships involved brought the food, fuel and other necessities to Britain, enabling the island to survive the U-Boats’ blockade.

They also carried the troops, weapons and ammunition to allow the Allies to use Britain as the base for recovering Continental Europe through Operation Overlord in Normandy.


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