PACE Trial 2 – Why Wasn’t My Experience Of Attending An NHS CFSME Clinic Evaluated?



In the follow up to the controversy of the PACE Trial results, I would recommend the following to give you a fuller picture.  It’s part of a blog by Lindy, an ME sufferer since the day the Coalition came into power and gives a day by day account of decisions made affecting the disabled since that day.

This is a follow up post from her previous blog about the PACE trial. 

It could end up being quite technical so I’ll keep it short for those of us with brain fog or who don’t come from a health care background or aren’t that interested in research full stop!

Outcome research is carried out in health care settings.  In a nutshell it is a particular type of research that is carried out after a patient or patients receive treatment, in order to evaluate it to discover how effective it is.

Say, for instance, you are going to have an operation on your hand.  The operation is already supported by good clinical research – this is called clinical evidence – but it’s a new treatment and there’s an old treatment that is more routinely used.

To read the rest of this story by Lindy, click on the link below:

Link to article in Disabled in Tory Britain

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