Please Remember the ‘Forgotten Ones’ Who Are Sick At Home

Jennifer Bolton


By Jennifer Bolton in The Mighty.


We are the forgotten ones. The ones who are housebound. The ones who need help just to sit up. The ones society doesn’t see. We are the ones trapped in our houses and behind closed doors. We are the ones articles don’t talk about but neighbors whisper about. We come in all ages, all types of illness, but we have one thing in common: we aren’t getting better. The “incurables.” The forgotten ones.

We may have very few people in our lives because it’s exhausting. The type of exhaustion that comes with running a marathon, after doing a triathlon. We can barely speak at times. We are weak. Not Hollywood-movie-weak, but the kind of weak where writing our name on a piece of paper means needing a long rest. Our muscles hurt. Our bones ache. Our bodies feel like they failed us. We spend what little energy we have on surviving.


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