Polarized Sunglasses: The Best Choice For Sun Wear ?



Are sunglasses all the same as long as they provide shade? Absolutely not. Nothing provides a high level visual experience when outdoors in bright sunlight like a polarized sun lens. Polarized sunglasses are so popular because they provide the wearer increased visibility and performance when simply at the beach, or performing during intense athletic outdoor activities.

Before we realize why a high quality polarized lens provides a much better sun wearexperience than just a inted lens, however, we need to understand the qualities of light in general.

Back in high school or college physics classes, we learned that light can act both like a particle and a wave. Photons, a packet of light energy, can move in a certain direction, like a particle. However, while moving in that direction, it also can move up and down, giving light the quality of a transverse wave.

Photons from the sun shine down on the Earth in all types of angles and directions. Some go directly into our eyes while others reflect off of surfaces such as water and highways. This unwanted reflected light and glare can cause distraction, decreased vision, and tremendous eye fatigue.

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