Presenteeism Is The New Absenteeism




By Business Matters.


A third of workers have admitted they have even considered moving jobs due to the negative impact of their work environment on their health – the highest percentage across Europe.

Adrian Lewis, Director, Activ Absence says, “Employees coming into work when they are sick are contributing to a rising trend of ‘presenteeism’. When a worker is present but not able to perform their function properly, it compromises their performance. With most employees continuing to work at sub-par levels rather than taking days off to recover, this also prolongs the effect of illness.

Subsequently, businesses are experiencing a detrimental knock-on impact on the quality and volume of work produced, with a further impact on overall business performance.  Those who come in with infectious illnesses also spread bugs and viruses to their colleagues, creating a chain reaction.”

The research showed that Brits are amongst the worst affected in Europe, and ‘sick offices’ don’t help, with UK employees suffering regularly from backache, neck ache and headaches as a direct result of how they are working. In addition, as many as 1 in 5  UK workers highlighted weight problems, and 1 in 10 cited an increase in blood pressure, as a result of poor wellbeing at work.


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