Processing The Grief Of Chronic Illness



By Robin Dix in The Mighty.


Grief often hits you when you least expect it. It’s never convenient and it’s almost always messy. Grief comes as a result of loss. In this case, it’s the loss of our life as we knew it, the loss of who we were and the dreams we had to let go of. Chronic illness is a thief that robs us of so much!

I think the strongest times of grief are soon after our diagnosis and we’ve had some time to let that sink in. We are not often prepared for the waves that threaten to drown us. We need to acknowledge and work our way through it, not stuff it down. Although painful at the time, we will get to a healthier place faster by facing it head on. There is a fine line between the past and an emerging new and different you. You are still you, it’s just that the packaging is different.

You are not less than, just different than. As we are all well aware, it’s hard to let go of one and embrace the other. I think we will always go through seasons of loss, but the times between become farther apart, and less painful over time.


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