Professor Garner, The BMJ And Me: An Alarming Flip-Flop On Recovery From Long Covid

Valerie Eliot-Smith


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As the year 2020 began, so did the story of a global pandemic which is now known generally as Covid-19. One year on, the world is still coming to terms with both the short and long term effects of the disease. The latest recorded worldwide death rates have exceeded two million and the disease is still claiming more victims. Populations everywhere are having to adjust their patterns of behaviour and learn to accommodate a new world order in global public health.

Long Covid

Many individuals are still reeling from the after-effects of the disease. Some patients who were not sick enough to be hospitalised still remain severely affected by a condition which has come to be known generally as long Covid. Long Covid describes a state whereby the initial virus appears to have gone but serious, life-limiting symptoms continue and resumption of normal activity remains frustratingly out of reach.


Professor Paul Garner

Paul Garner is Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. In March 2020, he contracted Covid-19. In May 2020, he began writing and broadcasting about his ongoing personal experience of living with long Covid. Like many others, he was clearly suffering considerable pain and distress from the symptoms that were continuing to prevent him from going back to his normal life as a busy academic and researcher. He also talked about the lack of knowledge and understanding from the medical profession which was causing him further distress.


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