Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus Is Proving Harder For Disabled People Like Me



By Chloe Tear in Huffpost.


It feels like every headline you read now is about coronavirus. With the virus causing concern and costing lives worldwide, it isn’t surprising. But it’s important that we talk about what that concern looks like if you’re disabled.

We already know those with pre-existing conditions, like me, are more at risk of serious consequences. In my work as a disabled advocate, I have seen the sheer fear this can cause – many people I know are immunosuppressant, and can easily be hospitalised by the common cold, let alone covid-19.

For us, the relaxed attitudes from a minority of non-disabled people can be extremely hurtful. Hearing people being complacent about coronavirus is, of course, their own choice. But comments like “I’m fine, it wouldn’t kill me anyway” show a disregard for disabled people and the elderly. Yes, you may only experience mild symptoms, but you must not be complacent about the risk of passing the virus on to others who might not have the ability to fight it off as well as you.


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