Protein – Your Secret Ally To Weight Loss And Health





By Dr Sally Norton in The Huffington Post.


When it comes to weight-loss we are always looking to spotlight a particular food group as the hero or villain. We talked about fats for years – they were DEFINITELY the reason behind our obesity crisis and so we were sold low-fat, sugary, processed apologies for food to make us all slim and healthy. Oooops! Well, that certainly didn’t work. In fact, contrary to what we used to believe, we now know that healthy fats are good in moderation – and actually better than most of the substitutes we existed on for years.

Then the focus turned to fruit and veg – trying to persuade us to eat at least 5 a day to reduce our risk of heart disease, various cancers, and numerous other health problems. That still holds true – we really do need to increase our fruit and veg intake. Though, in our quest to make our diets healthier, we need to be careful that we don’t buy into the ‘health halo,’ which has us believing that gallons of fruit juice and smoothies or foods sweetened with ‘natural fruit juice’ or packed with dried fruit in industrial quantities is fine…just look at the sugar count on the labelling and you will see how wrong that can be.


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