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I know some of you regard yourselves as Techno Luddites but do any of you use Twitter ?  Have family or friends who use Twitter ?

As you will know, my big aim is to raise Awareness of ME.  Belief will follow, then the funds to cure this beast.  Part of what I do to achieve this is to use Twitter quite a lot.  There are over 160 people foolish enough to ‘follow’ me, which means that every time I put out a message, they all get it.  The vast majority of them suffer with ME too, and so they send my message out to everyone who ‘follows’ them, and so on.  I also do this on ME Facebook groups that cover the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

My latest campaign has been to try and get everyone, be they ME sufferers, family or friends, or just those with an interest, to tell just one new person a month about ME.  This can be by Twitter, Facebook, text, fax, letter, pony express, shouting from the rooftops, or holding them by the throat until they listen…….(just kidding with that last one…)  There are supposedly 250,000 people in the UK with ME.  I know not all would be able to take part in this, but with everyone connected to them, that’s still a fair number of people.

If everyone did that, slowly but surely we will raise awareness.  With Twitter, we can do that anytime, but as you’ll see mentioned on the site, there is an ME Awareness Hour every Wednesday evening, which is an ideal opportunity to make a noise !  If you are going to ask someone to do this, please get them to use the hashtag #onemoreforME, as well as #MEAwarenesshour.  (they’ll know what it means !)

Thanks for helping with this if you’re able.

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