Red Deer Lawyer Campaigns For Medical Research




By Susan Zielinski in Red Deer Advocate. (Canada)


A Red Deer lawyer says the lack of government funding for medical research into a disease that is shattering Canadian lives is shocking.

Brent Handel said myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, commonly known as ME/CFS, affects an estimated 800,000 in Canada. Severity of symptoms vary, but it’s a complex disease with no treatment.

“I’m familiar with the research because I need that to prove from a medical/legal point of view the legitimacy of my client’s claims. It was very obvious to me that this is a very devastating, real disease and it’s just not being funded,” Handel said.

Symptoms can include extreme exhaustion, joint pain, abdominal issues, cognitive problems, sensitivity to things like light, sound, odours, and foods, and more. The debilitating disease can leave people bed ridden and too weak to feed themselves or even talk.


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