Regular Use Of Saline May Reduce Symptoms, Boost Energy In POTS (and ME/CFS ?)




By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


ME/CFS and POTS patients have used saline for years to feel better and recover from relapses. That’s really no surprise. The documented low blood volume in both groups suggests that saline would be an excellent temporary help. One chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) patient suffered a relapse after surgery that lasted and lasted until she got on saline, after which she recovered quickly. That, in retrospect, was no surprise, either. Anesthesia can be dehydrating and most of us are, as Dr. Klimas says, a quart or so low in blood volume.

Saline is no panacea: it often helps but does not cure ME/CFS or POTS and its effects don’t last long. Still, it’s a kind of secret weapon that many ME/CFS practitioners use to give their patients temporary relief.


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