School Takes Steps To Prevent Further Data Breach Following Loss Of Memory Stick



Story by Mike Laycock in The Press.


A Top York public school says it is taking steps to prevent another loss of important data, following an incident in which a memory stick was apparently mislaid on public transport.

St Peter’s School says it is acting on a series of recommendations from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), including mandatory training for employees in data protection.

However, it said the ICO had informed the school that it was not taking any further action over the incident, which happened earlier this year.

The Press exclusively reported in October how a memory stick, which was not protected by a password and contained a number of documents “relating to the governance of the school”, had been lost.

School head Leo Winkley wrote to all parents to inform them of the loss, saying there was no indication that details of bank accounts had been on the device and nor was there any suggestion that the device or data had been found or accessed by anyone


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