#SCOOTERGIRLCAMPAIGN – A Chat With Tanyalee Davis

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As I’m sure many of you have seen, comedian Tanyalee has had her fair share of public transport issues lately. From being asked to move her mobility scooter to give priority to a passenger with a folding pram, to literally being left on a train when assistance failed to show up, it’s been one thing after the other. Ahead of Tanyalee’s performance at York Fringe, I had the opportunity to chat to her about the status of mobility aids, the tiresome act of arranging assistance, and accidentally beginning an accessible transport movement…

Mobility scooters seem to be a bit of a grey area within the world of mobility aids, and I was particularly keen to talk to Tanyalee, given my own recent experiences. Having recently discussed how mobility scooters and mobility aids are inherently marketed towards elderly people, I’m fairly certain that the general public assume mobility scooters are primarily for this age group. Perhaps this would’ve had a bearing on whether or not they were taken as serious mobility aids, in cases such as Tanyalee’s?


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