See The Heart



A child is born of innocent mind
Trust fills the heart within
A child is born pure of soul
No prejudice or sin

Take that child and teach it well
Good or bad, it cannot tell
Entrusted with an awesome role
Be strong of heart and deep of soul

In early days minds take form
From what they see, their character born
Not one arrives with religious thought
Good or bad, this is taught

We shape the world that lies ahead
Let’s put our past mistakes to bed
Let’s give our child the gift to see
Equality in humanity

Through care and love and thought and deeds
To care for those with wants or needs
See not the colour of the skin
But just the heart that beats within

Judge not by shape nor size
Judge with head and not with eyes
Heart and soul define a man
Not what he cannot do, ……but can.

Let’s not judge on visibility
You can’t see all disability
Do not seek to judge exterior
Do not think that one’s inferior
Some may seem a little less able
But bring so much to life’s top table

I know my weakness, show me your strength
Will you be with me, if so to what length ?
Together, stronger, enabled for longer
A voice for fairness, to raise awareness

Will you be meek, or the voice that we seek
Will you stand where many cannot
Please do not fail, the weak and the frail
Remember as a child being taught

By Bill Clayton
© 2017

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