Severe ME



Studies have shown that about four in every 1,000 people in any population suffers from ME.

In York the population is around 200,000. That means there are about 800 people in the York area with ME. Published figures also suggest that 25% of people with this illness have it at a severe level. That would be around 200 people who you won’t see out with their kids during the holidays, in the shops, at work, or anywhere really. They are likely to be bed bound, in great pain, unable to move, struggling to eat or wash or bear the light coming through the window, or the sounds of life we would normally love to hear.

Sorry to dampen your day, but this is their reality. Their life. For life, until we get the awareness and funding to find something to cure this terrible illness. Please do what you can for your neighbours, your community, through The York ME Community.  Thanks.

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