Shock, Hypoxia & ME/CFS: Part I

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From Syndrome A.


When I first got sick with ME/CFS, I was a teenager. I was quite baffled when I suddenly became too exhausted to make it to classes, stopped sleeping almost entirely and started sweating profusely. I sweat raindrops: huge drops of sweat rolled down my sides constantly. No antiperspirant was a match for the sheer quantity of sweat I suddenly began producing.

I became pale and weak and developed extreme anxiety, a rapid heartbeat and a feeling that I needed to breathe more.

These are weird symptoms and I want to talk about how much they look like a condition called shock, especially given the similarities between ME/CFS and sepsis that we have talked about in recent blog posts.

 What Is Shock?

According to Wikipedia, “Shock is the state of not enough blood flow to the tissues of the body as a result of problems with the circulatory system.”

Symptoms of shock include palor, fast heart rate, fast breathing, weakness, anxiety, sweating increased thirst and confusion.

This encompasses a lot of how I felt when I first became very ill.


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