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I fear criticism for writing this post , here goes anyway …..

Last night I attended a Fancy dress party for my Brother in Law , so a place filed with friends & family .

All week I was not going to attend but I changed my mind at the last minute and went out to get an outfit .

I try to pace myself as do many others , to enable us to get out and have normal experiences .  So all week I had worked really hard to relax and put no pressure on myself in the off chance that if I decided to go , that I would have rested enough .

If you don’t suffer from a Chronic illness unfortunately I can’t explain it to you .  So I expect a lot of you will be saying ” it’s just tiredness ” or “I am sure if you really wanted to , then you could “. I don’t want to come across as me being a knob , it is just really hard to explain .


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