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I am just home from going out in my new wheelchair (a Foldawheel). It was great to go out socially and not to the doctor’s! For me this is rare and the gaps of time are significant enough that observations make quite an impression. It must be a bit like being released from prison. Other times I have been really struck by social changes. For example, before my 2012 relapse street homelessness didn’t really exist in my city. I had a couple of years of not going near the city centre and when I did homelessness had become visible, affecting young people with sleeping bags on the streets who didn’t fit the ‘tramp’ stereotype.

Today I was more focused on accessibility and using an electric wheelchair. This type of physical accessibility is good in my city, apart from wonky paving stones. There was a custom made ramp to get into the restaurant and the art museum was completely accessible (special lift and so on). I found people were very helpful too, no overt disablist comments and they even seemed to cope with the complexity of me being able to get out of the wheelchair (I used to feel very nervous about doing that).


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