Stick With It…..

In life we like to fit right in
To mix in with the crowd
Not to shout, not stand out
Not to be too loud
But sometimes things just come along
That force us into change
I’m talking Chronic Illness
Making life so strange
When M.E. hits, it hits you hard
Some want to spread the word
Some keep it to themselves
For most our thoughts are blurred
It’s tough to feel you’re not the same
Sometimes think that you’re to blame
But legs don’t work, you feel a jerk
Many even struck with shame
With me, my legs have caused me pain
It takes so little for strength to drain
My balance is shot, and that’s not all
I need some help to stop a fall
It took some months to finally admit
I needed some help to get around
A stick to help me balance
To stop me meeting with the ground
But a walking stick isn’t really me
It’s not who I’m supposed to be
Never been in this position before
So kept it behind the kitchen door
Months went by, I struggled on
Stupidly it took a while to dawn
That I needed help, forget my pride
If I wanted to venture back outside
I was feeling so self conscious
I was wary of the stares
But I soon found, looking around
That no one really cares
Their minds are busy, stuff to do
Not really bothered about me and you
I strangely felt it was a bit of a win
We really just tend to blend right in
My magic wand, of which I’m now fond
Would find me a seat on a bus
It opened a door like never before
With hardly any fuss
So after all my worries
About who I have become
I’m still me, but with a stick
No reason to be glum
We all have other issues
I’m sure you have a list
But don’t add to them by being scared
Don’t add to what you’ve missed
I know that many bound to home
Would crave to have such a gift
So I count my blessings every day
To have something that gives such a lift
I learned my lesson, use the stick
Even if not the life we’d pick
Regenerate like Doctor Who
Try to embrace the newer you.
Bill Clayton
The York ME Community © 2015
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