Stimulating The Pathway Connecting Body And Brain May Change Chronic Condition Patients’ Lives

Health and Wellbeing


By Zoe Fisher and Andrew H Kemp in The Conversation.


Health and wellbeing is something of a buzz phrase these days. It’s become almost an ideal state: if one takes care of their health and wellbeing, then they will be “healthy”.

But what exactly is health and wellbeing? The World Health Organization defines health as complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. “Wellbeing” is defined in dictionaries as anything from the physical state of being comfortable, to health and happiness. However, these definitions suggest that patients with chronic diseases or lifelong injuries cannot be healthy and/or happy.

By contrast, some have argued that people with cancer might be considered healthy if they have the following attributes: optimism, sense of control, purpose and meaning, positive social ties, and a nurturing family.


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