Straight Talk From Carol Head As She Steps Down From Solve ME

Carol Head


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


ME/CFS Rears Its Head Again

A commitment to social justice runs in Carol Head’s blood. She founded a non-profit which has given away millions to support entrepreneurs who work on global poverty, and was a founding board member of another non-profit that tells the stories of marginalized women’s lives.

Her work with Solve ME was in some ways just an extension – albeit a remarkably personal one, given her experience with ME/CFS – of the work she’d been doing her entire career. When she took the job leading Solve ME in 2013, she told the Board of Directors of her past with the disease.

Carol must have known that she was taking a risk. She was stepping into an all-consuming job in a field she had a special passion for. Being the CEO of Solve ME wasn’t going to be just any job; it was going to be a job that she’d be inclined to work extra hard in – harder perhaps than she should have.


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