Stuart Murdoch’s Open Letter Ahead Of The ME Debate

Stuart Murdoch


By Stuart Murdoch in #MEAction.


Stuart Murdoch is the lead singer of Belle and Sebastian. He has had ME for 28 years and he has kindly shared with us this open letter to the UK government ahead of the ME debate on Thursday, 24th January.

Dear UK Government,

I am one of the 250, 000 people in the UK who currently have some form of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). That’s a lot of people.

I know you have your hands full at the minute, but spare a thought for this abandoned constituency.

There are no grey areas with us. There’s no politics here. No awkward questions about immigration. There’s just a quarter of a million of your people, your wards, dying to get back to health, to life, to jobs.

These are good people. I know, I’ve met and talked to so many of them in the past thirty years since I was diagnosed. But these are stalled people. They are people who have been left in the endless waiting room of life. There is no official ‘direction’ for them. No guidance from on high.


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