10 Worst Cases Of Corporate Greed In U.S. History

Corporate Greed 2

    By Erica Quinn in INVESTMENTZEN.   Corporate scandals and financial scams are seemingly always in the headlines, but what are the biggest investment or accounting scandals in U.S. history when you line them up by dollar amount? By our calculations, the Lehman Brothers scandal is the most expensive scandal in U.S. history by […]

Thousands Could Be Missing Out On Employment Rights

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  From The Yorkshire Times.   New research published by the CIPD shows 4% of UK working adults aged between 18 and 70 are working in the ‘gig economy’, and nearly two-thirds of them (63%) believe the Government should regulate to guarantee them basic employment rights and benefits such as holiday pay. That means approximately […]

Rise In UK Employers Using Wellbeing Strategies To Improve Employee Engagement


    From Business Matters.   Research found that 45 per cent of UK companies have a clearly-defined wellbeing strategy in place, compared to less than a third in 2016 – and 26 per cent have had a strategy for more than three years. Of those that don’t, virtually all plan or wish to implement […]

The Question Employers Are Wary To Ask: When Are You Going To Retire ?


    By Sarah Vickerstaff in The Conversation.   There is a new taboo in the workplace: retirement. Age discrimination legislation and the abolition of the default retirement age means that companies are worried about talking to older workers about retiring, for fear of being accused of ageism. As ongoing research I’m involved in has begun to […]

Tesco Introduces ‘Relaxed’ Checkout To Help People With Dementia


  By Katie Grant in iNews.   Tesco has introduced a “relaxed” checkout scheme at one of its Scottish stores to give customers who need extra time at the till a chance to shop at their own pace. The supermarket launched the initiative at its branch in the town of Forres, Moray, this month. The […]

What’s The Difference Between ‘Hard’ And ‘Soft’ Brexit ?


    By Robert Ladrech in The Conversation.   Britain’s prime minister, Theresa May, has been keen to reiterate that “Brexit means Brexit”. But, despite her insistence, at least two types of Brexit are being discussed: “hard” and “soft”. They relate to the type of deal that the UK negotiates with the EU. A significant […]

How Swedish Literature Reflects The Benefits Of A Shorter Working Day

Work Life Balance

    By BJ Epstein in The Conversation. You’re very … industrious. This was how I was described by one resident when I was living and working in Sweden. And trust me – it was not meant as a compliment. Because, as I discovered over time, although Swedes work hard and with dedication, they do […]

Jobseekers “Missing A Trick” When Lacking Mention Of Volunteering Experience


  From Business Matters.   Fewer than 8 per cent of the 7 million UK jobseekers’ CVs posted on Indeed refer to volunteering, even though more than half of people in Britain have done some kind of voluntary work. But candidates’ reluctance about mentioning their voluntary work is at odds with what many employers look for in […]

Osborne Appointments Win The Sun’s Best Of British Award !


Osborne Appointments are a great supporter of The York ME Community.   By Jane Hamilton in The Sun. A RECRUITMENT firm with just 29 staff has been crowned the UK’s top place to work in The Sun’s new Best of British Awards. Osborne Appointments, beat hundreds of companies including big names such as Tesco, National […]

How Reliant Is Britain On EU Migrant Workers?


      By Catherine Harris in The Conversation.   Brexit – the UK vote to leave the European Union – has caused uncertainty in a number of areas. One of which is the impact that potentially reduced immigration will have on the British economy, particularly in industries which have a high proportion of migrant […]

Why London Won’t Lose Its Crown As Europe’s Financial Capital


    By Simeon Djankov in The Conversation.      Following the Brexit vote, the race to succeed London as Europe’s financial capital is on. “We know that groups based in the City are planning to leave for Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris,” the French prime minister, Manuel Valls, told journalists soon after the UK’s referendum. Other […]

Three Ways Employers Get Well-Being At Work Wrong


  By Micheala Edwards and Adrian Sutton in The Conversation.   Well-being is seen as increasingly important in the workplace. A growing number of companies have well-being policies, such as free gym memberships and health insurance, to cater to their employees’ needs. Much of the emphasis and thinking behind these policies has been a bid […]

Regional Newspapers Are Starving To Death But Can Local Journalism Survive?


  By John Jewell in The Conversation.   In October 2015, at a cost of £220m, Trinity Mirror, the parent company of Mirror newspapers and the Sunday People, took complete control of Local World – publisher of around 100 local newspaper titles. The purchase has worked out well for the newspaper group – This is […]

1 In 10 Businesses Unable To Support An Employee With A Disability Or Health Condition


    From Disability Rights UK.   New research has found that 1 in 10 business people do not feel confident that their organisations would be able to support an employee with a disability or living with a long term health condition. Employment specialists Reed in Partnership and leading charity Disability Rights UK surveyed over […]

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