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Why Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Still A Mystery?


      By Toni Bernhard J.D.   Millions of people worldwide suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—also known as ME/CFS or M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). Although Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a misleading label for this debilitating illness, I’ll be using that designation in this piece because it’s the name that most readers recognize. I’ve lived […]

When I’m Asked, ‘But Don’t You Want To Get Better?’


By Carla Robinson in The Mighty. As you may know if you have read my other post, 5 Ways Being Chronically Ill Is Worse Than I Expected, I am quite seriously and chronically ill. However, the biggest problem I face is the fact that I don’t look sick. I even wrote about how that illness lead to […]

Living With ‘One Of The Last Major Diseases We Know Nothing About’

Brain anatomy  - cross section

  Ronald Davis PhD, Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at Stanford University called it “one of the last major diseases we know nothing about”. But the man who heads the Stanford Genome Technology Center knows all too well about the disease. His son, Whitney Dafoe, an award-winning photographer, has spent years battling the illness and […]

Listen To M.E. Part II: Mike Dessin Goes Down Again – A CFS/ME Relapse Story


    By Mike Dessin in Health Rising.   I’ve had CFS/ME for 21 years. Nearly 6 years ago I began to recover from a three-year stint of being completely bedridden – the last few months of which I was near death. The first time my doctor saw me he was amazed I was still […]

Genetics: What It Is That Makes You Clever – And Why It’s Shrouded In Controversy


    For nearly 150 years, the concept of intelligence and its study have offered scientific ways of classifying people in terms of their “ability”. The drive to identify and quantify exceptional mental capacity may have a chequered history, but it is still being pursued by some researchers today. Francis Galton, who was Charles Darwin’s […]

End ME/CFS Severe Patient Study Turns To The Mitochondria


By Cort Johnson on ProHealth and Health Rising The mantra at the Severely Ill study is to follow the evidence where it leads. We don’t know exactly what Davis has found or if will be ultimately validated. We do know that something eyebrow raising involving the mitochondria has shown up in the early stages of […]

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