Chronic Faìgue

If Someone With Chronic Illness Says They’re Tired, Please Think Before Responding, ‘Me Too’


    By Kaisha Holloway in The Mighty.   When being “tired” is more than just feeling tired… Don’t you just hate it when people try to get one up on you, by always striving to be worse off than yourself? Don’t you just hate it when people assume that tiredness is the same for […]

10 Things Chronic Fatigue Is Not


  By Rachel Kassulke in The Mighty.   Being another one of those “invisible” symptoms, chronic fatigue is a tricky little thing to explain and an (almost) impossible feeling for the healthy and energetic to comprehend. I’ve tried to explain how it ‘feels’ here, but much like trying to decipher the difference between pain and chronic pain, trying to explain the difference […]

The Reality Of Chronic Fatigue And Exhaustion


    By Caz in The Mighty.   What exhaustion and fatigue are not: 1. Laziness. It’s not simply not “wanting” to do something or not being bothered. 2. A temporary state you can simply overcome with a little positive thinking or an energy drink. 3. Cured by sleep. Being “sleep tired” and being exhausted are not mutually exclusive but […]

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