Chronic Illness

The Importance Of Having A Partner Who Understands Your invisible Illness


    By Hattie Gledwell in The Metro.   One of the most important aspects of being in a relationship when you have an invisible, chronic illness is that your partner is supportive.  There are a number of reasons for this, but it all mainly comes down to the fact that if your partner doesn’t understand what […]

5 Tough Choices You Face When You’re Chronically Ill Or In Pain


  By Toni Bernhard in The Mighty.   Having chronic pain or illness — or, as is often the case, both — is hard work. One reason for this is that we must constantly assess and evaluate if we’re managing our health and our relationships skillfully. This requires us to make tough choice after tough choice. Here are five […]

My Chronic Illness Doesn’t Have To Be The ‘Elephant In The Room’


    By Allison DeVincent in The Mighty.   Some people don’t believe I really have anything wrong with me besides the name of my diagnosis, and I kind of get it. I know I don’t look very sick most of the time. That’s because I don’t like people seeing me when I am sick. People with chronic […]

What You Should Know About My Illness If You Wish You Had My ‘Leisure Time’

Frustration Chronic Illness

  By Sharilynn Battaglia in The Mighty.   Today I was watching “Dr Phil.” It was an old episode about a study showing how stay-at-home moms have more leisure time than they think. Granted, some of the definitions given for “leisure” were quite unusual (getting a root canal if alone?), but the basic theme of […]

To Anyone Feeling Overwhelmed By Contradicting Advice On How To Deal With Illness


    By Jaydon Yeomans in The Mighty.   When you’re dealing with invisible chronic illness, you may look for anything to help your illness seem tangible. Read every article and story, try to find someone or something to relate to. The internet is full of opinions screaming to be heard, and they all contradict […]

Celebrating Independence Day When You Have A Chronic Illness


    By April GP in The Mighty.   Believe! Believe that the best part of you was not in your yesterday. It was not before chronic illness. I hear all too often, “I just want my old life back.” Well, I’m going to spin this for you as those of us who live on my side of the pond approach the Fourth of […]

The Judgement People With Chronic Illness Face After Posting On Social Media

Frustration Chronic Illness

  By Yvonne Evans in The Mighty.   How many of you out there have had people accuse you of faking your illness based on things you post on social media? It really can be a lose/lose situation for those of us with disabilities. If you post yourself getting out and having fun, you’re not […]

15 Secrets Of People Who Can’t Work Because Of An Illness


    By Paige Wyant in The Mighty.   If you have a chronic illness, you may know what it feels like to be a “full-time patient.” Between the physical and emotional symptoms, constant doctor appointments and numerous tests and procedures (not to mention keeping track of it all), being chronically sick can become a full-time job […]

With Chronic Illness, I Will Always Pay Tomorrow For What I Do Today


  By Trena Seymour in The Mighty.     Nothing is free. How many times have we all heard that one? At 41 years old, I certainly stopped counting long ago. The thing is, I’ve always been OK with things not being free. I have always appreciated hard work and the deeply rewarding feeling of earning […]

When People At Work Avoid You Because Of Your Illness

Frustration Chronic Illness

    By Lorene Masters in The Mighty.   You want to say that you just imagined it, that the room did not suddenly become quiet when you walked in. But you know that you didn’t imagine it because this has happened before. You were out sick last week, like half of your office coworkers, […]

15 Truths About Your Chronically Ill Friend Who Just Texted ‘I Can’t Go’

Frustration Chronic Illness

    From The Mighty.   It’s a text most people with chronic health challenges have sent at some point — the text that says “I’m sorry, I can’t go” when they’re invited to hang out with friends. Maybe you had a sudden flare-up of symptoms, or aren’t feeling as well as you thought you would […]

20 Things You Don’t Have To Apologize For If You’re Chronically Ill

Frustration Chronic Illness

By Erin Migdol in The Mighty.   As someone who lives with chronic health challenges, how often do you find yourself apologizing? To friends when you have to cancel plans, to your spouse because you didn’t finish the chores you meant to do or even to yourself, for getting a life-altering diagnosis? You’re not alone […]

When Our Chronically Ill Bodies Say “Rest,” Why Don’t We ?


By Toni Bernhard J.D. in Psychology Today   Most people who are chronically ill (which includes chronic pain) benefit from scheduling at least one rest period into their day because it helps keep symptoms from flaring. I’ve learned from experience and from the thousands of people who’ve written to me that taking a “time out” by pausing to rest […]

How Chronic Illness Transformed My Masculinity


    By Jamison Hill in The Good Men Project.   For most of my childhood, or what seemed like it, I wore a similar outfit every day — a hodgepodge of items mimicking my masculine role models — cowboys, firefighters, and Army men. Most often my outfit consisted of Army fatigues, cowboy boots, and […]

My ‘New Normal’ With Illness Feels Anything But ‘Normal’


    By Rebekah Dorr in The Mighty.   A “new normal.” We hear this phrase flow with ease off the tip of well-meaning, albeit ignorant tongues and read the quipped typing from those who hold not the faintest of clues as to what that really means. They do not know how a “new normal” is fought […]

When Your Illness Turns You Into A ‘Crier’


  By Kirsty Hird in The Mighty.   Let me start by saying that I am not, and never have been, a “crier.” OK, so I cry at funerals (but try my best to hide the tears from everyone except my husband) but other than that, I don’t generally cry. In my previous, pre-mylagic encephalomyelitis […]

Top 10 Reasons Chronic Illness Can Make Me Want to Scream !


    By Toni Bernhard in Psychology Today.   Despite the title of this piece, I cultivate not screaming. I’m trying to ride the waves of life’s disappointments and frustrations with quiet patience. That said, I have days when I want to scream “Enough is enough!” This piece is intended to be partly lighthearted and […]

Please Remember the ‘Forgotten Ones’ Who Are Sick At Home


  By Jennifer Bolton in The Mighty.   We are the forgotten ones. The ones who are housebound. The ones who need help just to sit up. The ones society doesn’t see. We are the ones trapped in our houses and behind closed doors. We are the ones articles don’t talk about but neighbors whisper about. […]

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