I’m An Angry Disabled Woman. Here’s What I Want You To Know About Inaccessibility

Disability Dice

  By Sylvia Colt-Lacayo in Huffpost.   Recently, I was in the grocery store, minding my own business, when I heard, “Daddy, what’s wrong with her legs?” I looked to the right and saw a young boy with a now-embarrassed father, who quickly shushed his son. The dad made eye contact with me, trying to relay […]

Here’s What A Hygiene Expert Wants You To Know About Hand Sanitiser


  By Natasha Hinde in HUFFPOST.   Hand sanitiser can kill coronavirus, but its overall effectiveness very much depends on the type you use. Homes, businesses and schools across the UK are potentially using hand sanitisers that can take up to two minutes to kill the virus, as opposed to the standard 20-30 seconds – and could […]

Plant-Based Diet: Everything You Need To Know


    By Christine Byrne in Huffpost.   On the surface, a plant-based diet sounds simple. And although it’s been trending lately, the idea of eating “mostly plants” has been in the zeitgeist since Michael Pollan spelled it out in “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” in 2006. That said, anyone who has tried to move towards a […]

This Is What Living With Chronic Pain Is Really Like


    By Julia Ries in Huffpost.   This story is from HuffPost in the US – and part of Pain in America, a nine-part series looking at some of the underlying causes of the opioid addiction crisis and how we treat pain. Chronic pain comes in all different shapes and sizes — it burns, […]

Disabled People Like Me Are Being Forced To Battle Daily For Our Most Basic Needs


  By Susan McKinstery in Huffpost.   I was born in 1981, the year declared “International Year of Persons with Disabilities” by the UN. It heralded the beginning of the “Decade for Persons with Disabilities”, which saw the beginning of what would go on to become landmark equalities legislation and political policy making. The intention for […]

I Sometimes Feel Defeated By My Disability – And That’s Okay


By Pippa in HUFFPOST.   Last month, Sport England and a number of partnering charities launched a new campaign aimed at people living with long-term health conditions. We Are Undefeatable, they called it – making a statement on behalf of the millions of people living with these illnesses in the UK. As a member of the […]

What To Do If You Can’t Book A GP Appointment, As 1 In 3 Say They Can’t Get Through By Phone


    By Natasha Hinde in HUFFPOST.   If you’ve ever found yourself relentlessly pressing the call button to phone your GP, only to get beeped at before the call abruptly ends, you’re not alone. In fact, new figures show almost one in three people can’t get through to their GP by phone. Many of us have […]

Opioid Painkillers: Doctors Urged To Be More Vigilant With Prescriptions – This Is Why


    By Rachel Moss in Huffpost.   The amount of opioids doctors are prescribing patients has significantly increased over the past decade, potentially contributing to the rise of opioid misuse and addiction, new research suggests. Worldwide, the use of prescription opioid painkillers more than doubled between 2001 and 2013. The researchers said in some […]

ME Affects Four Times More Women Than Men – Dismissing This Terrifying Illness Is Sexist

ME !

    By Josie Richardson in Huffpost.   Like Victorian women being branded ‘hysterical’, women like my best friend are being silenced.   “ME, that’s the one where you don’t feel like going to work today,” Ricky Gervais once quipped on-stage. He voices a common feeling. I have heard someone casually proclaim that they must have […]

Why Using A Contactless Card Might Be Costing You More Money

Credit Cards

    By Tamsin Kelly, Commercial Writer in Huffpost.    It’s 11 years since contactless cards were first launched back in 2007. At the time, they were a niche product only available from one card issuer in a handful of London postcodes. Today contactless has dramatically changed the way we spend money with the majority of […]

Purple Tuesday: 6 Ways Disabled Shoppers Would Like The High Street To Change


By Natasha Hinde in Huffpost.   Almost one in five people in the UK are disabled. That adds up to 12 million people with a collective spending power of £249 billion, yet neither the high street nor individual retailers are catering to them. “We are an untapped market and at a time when the high […]

It Seems Impossible That People Don’t Believe Having ME Is A Serious Illness

ME !

  By Skye Wheeler in HUFFPOST.   Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS/ME. These are just a few terms to describe one of the most destructive illnesses known to man. Manifesting as unrelenting fatigue and profound pain, ME/CFS is destroying the lives of 250,000 people in the UK. One in four are so severely affected […]

I’m Disabled And About To Start A Full-Time Job – This Is A Shockingly Rare Situation


  By Adil Ghani in HUFFPOST.   The harsh reality is that the majority of employers overlook the potential talent within the disabled community. I’m 23 years old and have limb girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD), a condition that gradually weakens my muscles over time. It means that, today, I have very little movement from the neck down. Throughout […]

Dehydration Symptoms And Signs You’re Suffering, Plus How To Treat It


  By Natasha Hinde in HUFFPOST.   Another week, another influx of scorching weather. While it’s great news for those looking to spend their summer holiday in the UK, there are risks attached to heatwaves and dehydration is one of the major factors. Registered GP Dr Kenny Livingstone tells HuffPost UK he has received calls from “a lot more […]

Having ME Is Like Being Permanently Encased In A Suit Of Armour


  By Johnathan Davis in HUFFPOST.   I have, for a long time, struggled to fully get across the impact this illness has on my life.   I have been asked many times what it is like to have myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and I have, for a long time, struggled to fully get across the […]

Because Of ME, I Can Only Imagine Being The Mum That Others Get To Be


  By Sophie Cooklynn in HUFFPOST.   My entire body feels like it’s on fire and my head feels like it’s ready to explode on a continuous basis and I feel permanently poisoned. Downstairs, my two-year-old son, Lucas, is playing. He’s a beautiful, clever and sweet little boy who lights up my entire world. Upstairs, I lie […]

I Am Stuck In The Prison That Is ME

ME 1

  By Ellie Bunce in HUFFPOST.   I had hopes of being an athlete – now I’m bed-bound with an illness some people think doesn’t exist. ME, two simple letters that can rip apart everything you worked for and everything you ever dreamt of. Myalgic encephalomyelitis is a soul destroying disease that leaves so many […]

What Is The PIP Review ? How ‘Austerity’ Measure Backfired And Could Cost Government £3 Billion


  By Steven Hopkins in HUFFPOST.   The Government has pledged to review all 1.6 million disability benefit claims after deciding not to fight a High Court ruling on personal independence payment (PIP) that a judge called “blatantly discriminatory”. The court ruling in December, ministers previously said, could see 220,000 PIP claimants awarded higher payments. Earlier […]

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