Jessica Taylor-Bearman

Dear Bug… I Don’t Survive at Being An Adrenaline Junkie


  By Jessica Taylor-Bearman.   Dear Bug… I Don’t Survive at Being an Adrenaline Junkie It’s interesting when you learn things about yourself that have probably always been there but I’d not even noticed. This week I’ve been in London, well for four days – a mini week! I really wanted to attend The Author School and […]

Dear Bug… When The Nights Are Long…


    By Jessica Taylor-Bearman. My escapades with the change of drugs reached fever pitch three weeks ago, when I rang up the doctors with a blood pressure of 80/50….The dearest junior doctor had told me or more like made me promise that if my blood pressure went under 90/60, that I’d ring for an […]

‘I Can Barely Walk And I’m Bed-Bound 23 Hours A Day – M.E. Nearly Killed Me’


  By Lara Kilner in The Mirror.   I was a healthy child, but everything changed when I was 14 and caught a virus. The weeks went by and I didn’t get better. I’d lie with my head on the desk in lessons, unable to move from the exhaustion. I was sleeping a lot, I had pain […]

York Library To Stock ‘A Girl Behind Dark Glasses’, By Jessica Taylor-Bearman


After a few attempts, we have persuaded York Library to stock  ‘A Girl Behind Dark Glasses’, By Jessica Taylor-Bearman.  It’s the story of her life with ME. I’m just awaiting the call to let me know that it’s in ! Book Description:  From a darkened world, bound by four walls, a young woman called Jessica tells the […]

Dear Bug… I Want to Live So Very Much Yet My Body Isn’t Letting Me


  By Jessica Taylor-Bearman.   In the past few weeks, I have been dealing with the frustrations of wanting to be able to do more than my body would let me. In fact, that is not strictly true… the M.E. Monster lets me have a taste of what is out there, then whips it away from […]

The Intricacies Of Writing A Book Without Being Able To Physically Write…


  By Taylor-Bearman in   The most asked question of my book was how could I write it through the brain fog and illness? So I have decided that I need to explain myself, once and for all! What was really interesting about the book is most of it was written in the four year time […]

Why Am I Different ?


  by Taylor-Bearman at   As I start to get back into the world from my thirteen year hiatus, I notice that the world treats me differently to how it did before I got ill…because I am disabled. I noticed it most this week, when three events happened that made me realise the problem. Before I […]

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