Loneliness in Chronic Illness

The Unique Type Of Loneliness That Comes With Chronic Illness


    By Britt Renee in The Mighty.   It seems like getting familiar with loneliness is inherent in living the chronic illness life. This loneliness doesn’t come from being literally and physically alone, though I’m learning there is a decent amount of “alone time” one has to learn to appreciate when being chronically ill. […]

When The Isolation Of Illness Causes The Outside World To Feel ‘Alien’


  By Jo Moss in The Mighty.   When you have severe ME/CFS, or any illness that causes you to become housebound, you feel isolated. It’s very easy to feel forgotten. Your life is put on hold but the world goes on outside without you. How can an event that is so catastrophic for you […]

Loneliness In Chronic Illness


  By The Unchargeables.   It is a thing that is with you all the time and never leaves. This nagging thing, never leaving you alone. Sometimes it’s lurking in the shadows and sometimes it’s loud and right in your face. But at all times it’s lonely. It’s lonely when you get invited to an […]

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