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Medical Council Agrees New Guidelines Are Needed

Me Australia

    by Sasha Nimmo in ME Australia.  National Health and Medical Research Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Prof Anne Kelso, today released her response the ME and CFS advisory committee’s report. Prof Kelso has decided that the NHMRC should develop clinical guidance on ME/CFS. This is a major decision as the current guidelines were condemned […]

Architect Anthony Clarke’s Designs For ME

Me Australia

  by Anthony Clarke in ME News Australia.    Anthony Clarke of BLOXAS, an architecture practice for empathic and experimental architecture, was contacted by a South Australian woman with ME to design a home for her. His research led him to a screening of ‘Unrest’ and a friendship with Anna Kerr, who also has ME. […]

Molecules May Convert Acute Infection Into ME

Me Australia

      By Sasha Nimmo in ME Australia.  A paper published in Metabolic Brain Disease by Morris, Maes, Burk and Puri suggests Myalgic Encephalomyelitis develops because of genes responsible for immune responses. Their paper discusses how molecules may convert an acute infection into a state of escalating chronic systemic inflammation. Morris and Maes have written extensively […]

Severe ME: I Had To Fight The People Supposed To Help Me

Me Australia

      by Sam* in ME Australia.  Sam (*not her real name) is a teenager living in Australia’s largest city without access to treatment to help her. Sam was prescribed graded exercise therapy (GET) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) repeatedly. After doing GET, Sam became housebound. Sam now has very severe ME and says […]

A Mother’s Story: Alem Matthees

Me Australia

  by Helen Donovan in ME Australia.   May 12 is Alem Matthee’s birthday. Around the world, people with ME, their friends, families and scientists are grateful for Alem’s work in getting trial data released, showing that graded exercise therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy did not improve health the way the study’s authors claimed. In […]

Australia’s Health Minister Listening To People With ME


    From ME Australia. by Sasha Nimmo Australia’s Health Minister, Greg Hunt, listened to people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), families, scientists and organisations. Minister Hunt had a second meeting with ME Australia, along with Prof Paul Fisher, head of microbiology at La Trobe University and Dr Heidi Nicholl, Emerge Australia on Thursday. ME Australia […]

Study Finds Reduced Ability To Respond To Energy Demands In ME Patients’ Immune Systems

NK Cells

  By Sasha Nimmo in ME Australia.   Scientists from Australia’s Griffith University found ‘a significant reduction of glycolytic reserve in resting natural killer (NK) cells’ from people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ICC ME) compared with healthy controls. “These findings suggest resting NK cells from ME/CFS patients have reduced ability to increase glycolytic flux to respond […]

Australian Government Seeking Expert Advice On ME And CFS Research Grants


    by Sasha Nimmo in ME Australia.   Senator Scott Ludlam asked about the progress of proposals to research ME and CFS at last night’s budget estimates hearing in Parliament House, Canberra. Prof Anne Kelso, CEO of Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), said she was delighted to hear of the important advance made by Griffith […]

Response From The Mason Foundation: Petition To Stop Graded Exercise Therapy Trial


    From ME News Australia.   More than 700 people signed the petition to ask the Mason Foundation and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to cease the trial of graded exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome, in the face of newly-released evidence from the PACE trial (which UNSW relied upon in this trial). “We […]

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