ME Awareness and Support in York

ME Awareness On BBC Radio York – Update


The deed has been done. Recording was done earlier today. I didn’t manage to cover everything, but hopefully enough to raise a bit of ME Awareness.  Confirmed it will be on after 9pm on Friday 21 Feb; probably too late for some unfortunately. BBC Radio York 103.7 FM.#MEAwareness

ME Awareness On BBC Radio York


I’m hoping to be on BBC Radio York on 103.7 FM on Fri between 7 and 10 pm.  As my head doesn’t always work properly at that time of the day, they’ve kindly arranged for a pre-record on Thur afternoon.  I just hope I manage to put some sensible words together about ME ! #MEAwareness.

Life With A Chronic Illness: The Unspoken Truths


  By Lisa  Alloto in her Chronic Illness: Realistic Optimism Blog.   Life with any chronic illness is filled with unending challenges, whether its finding proper medical care, a way to afford it and your daily expenses, or maintaining employment.  On top of that, and most of all, you must deal with the chronic illness itself […]

Clifford’s Tower In York Turning Blue For M.E Awareness

Clifford's Tower York 9 May 2018

  The City of York is supporting ME awareness week, as a result of a recent Liberal Democrat motion to kick-start an awareness campaign on the issue. Over this week, York’s historic city walls and Clifford’s Tower will be lit up every night until the 13thMay to show support for The York ME Community, who […]

Mike’s EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Austria


  AUSTRIA I’ve interviewed 3 people with ME in Austria who have given me their account of life there with the illness. How did you get ill and how were you diagnosed? Sebastian:  Probably following an EBV infection at elementary school age. Sonja:  I had neuroborreliosis from 2011-2014, after which I was fine for 1 year. When […]

City Of York Council Meets With The York ME Community To Talk All Things ME Awareness !


  I had a very productive meeting with Cllr Aspden and Cllr Runciman of City of York Council where they have stated they will back efforts to raise awareness of ME, understanding that much more is needed to increase understanding of this debilitating disorder, in York and across the UK. I will post more as […]

ME/CFS, NLP And The Lightning Process™ In The Looking Glass


  By Nancy Blake in Positive Health Online.   The purpose of this article is to provide an explanation of the theoretical model and practical processes underlying both appropriate and inappropriate use of NLP in the treatment of patients with ME/CFS. The timing of this article has been influenced by recent publicity about a research […]

Julian Sturdy MP Contacts Health Secretary On ME

Julian Sturdy

Just to let you know that my local York MP Julian Sturdy has tabled the following parliamentary written questions to the Health Secretary:   “To ask the Secretary of State for Health what actions the government is taking to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) among (i) healthcare professionals and (ii) the general public.   […]

The Staggering Rise In PIP Complaints Shows There’s Rot In The System


  By Frances Ryan in The Guardian.   What happens when the system designed to help you is actually hurting you? This is the question I keep coming back to as I look at the newly released evidence of widespread failings in the disability benefit system. Complaints about the personal independence payment (PIP) assessment process rose by […]

Could This Documentary Change The Way We Perceive Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?


    By Guy Kelly in The Telegraph.   It has been more than 60 years since a bewildering epidemic swept through the Royal Free Hospital in north London, rendering almost 300 members of staff incapacitated and forcing the place to close for three months. At the time, in 1955, the mysterious, polio-like outbreak (called […]

Dancers & CBT/GET-Realness


    By Anil van der Zee.   As a dancer I have been surprised by the treatments I’ve received for my disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I want to share my opinion from a dancer’s perspective. What do other professional ballet dancers think about the treatments and the current care that’s being offered to ME patients??   […]

What It’s Like Being Single With A Chronic Illness


    By Erin Migdol in The Mighty.   Navigating the world of dating and relationships is tough enough — add the physical and emotional demands of a chronic health condition, and keeping a relationship going can be difficult, to say the least. If you have a chronic illness and are single, you are not alone […]

ME Awareness Week: 10 Important Things People With ME Want You To Know

ME Explanation

    By Natasha Hinde i Huffpost.   It’s estimated that around 250,000 people in Britain are affected by ME, yet many people are still unaware of what it actually is. ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), is a debilitating illness which affects people of all ages. It can cause severe fatigue, painful muscles and […]

Lighting The World Up In Blue For ME Awareness Day

Adelaide Oval 12 May 2016

  By Bill Clayton in The Yorkshire Times.   Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), is a neurological illness that affects many people across the world. Estimates are 250,000 in the UK and there are likely to be around 800 people in the York area, some 200 of them having severe ME, which means being house or bed […]

Living With ‘One Of The Last Major Diseases We Know Nothing About’

Sean O'Briain

    By Sean O Briain in   RONALD DAVIS PhD, Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at Stanford University called it “one of the last major diseases we know nothing about”. But the man who heads the Stanford Genome Technology Center knows all too well about the disease. His son, Whitney Dafoe, an award-winning photographer, […]

Why Nurses Should Undertake More Research


      By Cathy Henshall in The Conversation.   Nursing research is becoming ever more important in UK healthcare due to an increasing ageing population which means that more people are living with long-term conditions and chronic illnesses. Nursing research can help address the healthcare needs of these patients, enhancing their health and well-being […]

£30 Week Cut To ESA Intolerable Says Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights UK

  From Disability Rights UK.   “A £30 a week cut in income is intolerable, especially when disabled people often live in deep poverty. There’s no evidence to suggest this pernicious cut will do anything to help disabled people get and keep jobs – in fact the opposite is true. The Government has recently issued […]

Why Your Right To Walk Could Fall Victim To Austerity


    By Ben Barnett in The Yorkshire Post.   National park chiefs have warned of an increasing reliance on goodwill to ensure the region’s most iconic countryside remains open for everyone to enjoy. Huge cuts to National Park government grants – 40 per cent in real terms since 2011 in the Yorkshire Dales and […]

Half Of UK Electricity Comes From Low-Carbon Sources For First Time Ever, Claims New Report


      By Joe Watts in The Independent.   More than half of the UK’s electricity has come from low-carbon sources for the first time, a new study has found. The research from energy company Drax, which operates a biomass power station, found electricity from low-emission sources had peaked at 50.2 per cent between […]

An Open Letter To Dr. Simon Wessely, Defender Of The PACE Study

Steven Lubet

    From The Facaulty Lounge.   A Letter From Steven Lubet.   Dear Dr. Wessely: I was surprised to see the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists post a comment on a U.S. law blog.  I suppose this means that I have gotten your attention in the discussion of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), […]

Formal Complaint To The BBC Re: The Purveying Of Mis-Information On 1st November 2016


    The following is the content of the letter sent by The Countess of Mar to The Director General of the BBC with regard to the recent reporting of an on-line talking treatment that is being purported to be a ‘cure’ for two thirds of children with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.       Dear […]

“Chronic Fatigue Is Not A Condition Of The Mind”


    By Kate Liptrot in The Press.   Reports that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also  known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), can be treated with psychological therapies have frustrated those living with a very physical condition For Bill Clayton, there has been little progress in understanding ME since it was first derided as “yuppie flu”. Bill, who was diagnosed […]

Archaeologists Hail ‘Remarkable’ Discovery At Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey

    Story from Stray FM.   Archaeologists have uncovered the graves of more than 500 Cistercian monks on the site of Fountain’s Abbey. Experts have used ground-penetrating radar to make the find at the World Heritage Site near Ripon. The technology reveals the location of the monks’ cemetery and new evidence of their burial […]

York City Drop Points Again


    From BBC News.   A rousing effort by York was not enough to avoid a 13th match without victory, as they drew at Eastleigh. Not surprisingly it was the home side who dominated against the basement strugglers, striker Michael Mandron had to be marshalled effectively for Gary Mills’s men to hang on in […]

Virgin Care Wins £700m Contract To Run 200 NHS And Social Care Services

Virgin Care

  By Denis Campbell in The Guardian.   Sir Richard Branson’s health firm, Virgin Care, has won a £700m contract to deliver 200 types of NHS and social care services to more than 200,000 people in Bath and north-east Somerset. The contract, which was approved on Thursday, has sparked new fears about private health firms […]

Mind The Gap: Toblerone And Other Redesign Disasters


  By Mike Sheedy in The Conversation.   Toblerone chocolate is a brand instantly recognisable for its bars studded with pyramid-shaped mountains of chocolate. So the announcement from Mondelez International, the brand’s Swiss owner, of a redesign that will mess with its iconic shape seems an odd and ill-conceived decision. In reducing the number of […]

“Biomarker Research Advances In ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ ”


  by Miriam Tucker, 8th November 2016   According to Professor Anthony Komaroff, Professor of Medicine at Harvard, studies over the last decade point to the biological underpinnings of ME/CFS. At the biennial International Association for CFS/ME Conference in Fort Lauderdale (27th-30th October 2016), more than 100 papers were presented that further contribute to the […]

When I Can’t Hide My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Anymore


  By Kirsty Hird in The Mighty.   I remember in the late 1990s watching a film about a group of teenagers who dabble in witchcraft, with disastrous consequences. They use a form of magic called a “glamour,” which allows the witches to create an illusion, concealing the true form of something. In the film, glamours are used successfully […]

MPs Call For Major Reform Of Flood Risk Management


    By Roger Harrabin BBC News.   Major reform of the system for managing flood risk is needed, a Commons environment and rural affairs committee report has said. There should be a UK floods supremo, new flooding and coastal boards and a rivers and coastal authority, it said. MPs said floodwater should be stored […]

CBT Won’t Cure My Chronic Fatigue, Any More Than It Would Cancer – It’s A Physical Illness


  By Scott Jordan Harris in i News.   The announcement of a new initiative to offer online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to teenage suffers of ME, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has re-opened debate about whether ME is a mental illness. The reality is there is no debate about the answer to that among anyone […]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Entrepreneurship

Peter Harrington

    By Peter Harrington in   There is nothing I want more than for good minds to go to waste. I joke not. Brilliant young brains in all aspects of education – especially budding entrepreneurs who could and should be applying themselves to turning waste into lolly… Too often students and their academic […]

UK Government Funding For Biomedical Research Into ME


  Did you know the government has given just £1.6m to biomedical research into ME in the last 30 years ?  That’s less than they gave to Eastbourne when their Pavilion burned down ! To get the detail, take a look at the video by clicking on the tab above.          

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