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Adelaide Oval Lights Up In Blue For ME Awareness Week

Adelaide Oval 12 May 2016

    By Jac Creedon in ME Australia.    Since 2015, Adelaide Oval in South Australia has been lit up in blue in recognition of ME Awareness. This year, it will be illuminated on Thursday May 9. It has been organised every year by Jac Creedon, who has had ME for 28 years. Jac lives […]

How You Can Help the ME/CFS Community

ME Awareness Day

  By Jo Moss in The Mighty.   The reason I started writing about my experiences was to raise awareness of invisible illnesses like ME/CFS and fibromyalgia, and to try to reach out to help others who are suffering like myself. I often feel I’m not doing enough to raise awareness, so today’s post is an […]

ME Being Discussed On BBC Radio Scotland On 14 February


  Tomorrow, 14th February, at 12 noon, BBC Radio Scotland’s John Beattie programme will be interviewing several people about issues around ME. Those being interviewed we have been told, include: – MP Carol Monaghan – who has secured next week’s Parliament debate on the Pace Trial – Janet Sylvester – organiser of the recent Scottish […]

Science, Politics And ME. – A Book By Dr Ian Gibson

ME Book Logo

      From Invest in ME Research.   Background At the 10th Invest in ME International ME Conference 2015. Dr Ian Gibson announced that he was planning on writing a book about ME – and the politics and prejudice which has affected the way that ME is perceived, treated, researched and funded – as well […]

Comment: Where Is Chronic Illness Represented In Popular Culture?

Dr House

    Chronic illness is misrepresented in TV and film, and it damages the lives of people coping with it, writes Naomi Chainey in SBS.   I once watched an episode of House M.D. where a man came to the clinic and outlined his symptoms.  Familiar symptoms.  My symptoms.  Having just been diagnosed with one […]

Pacing Yourself With Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


  By Adrienne Dellwo in Very Well.   When living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, pacing is key to managing your symptoms. That’s easier said than done with the busy lives most of us lead, but with some effort, you can learn to pace yourself. Why is Pacing Important with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue […]

Do You Want Your MP To Have A Better Understanding Of M.E.? 


  The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on M.E. is hosting an awareness-raising drop-in session for MPs in London on Wednesday 11 May from 12.45pm to 2pm. If you’d like your MP attend, get in touch with them now if you can, or get someone well enough to email them.  Just Google to find out […]

7 Things You Need To Know About Supplements


    By By Adrienne Dellwo in About Health.   Getting Started With Supplements: Many doctors, researchers and people with fibromyalgia (FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME/CFS) say nutritional supplements are an important part of managing your symptoms. Many of us swear by them, and some people use supplements as an alternative to medications. However, […]

Caterham Model’s Fashion Show Raises Over £800 For ME


  By Kevin Black in Local People.   Caterham based model Joanna Chamberlain has raised over £800 for charity with a spectacular fashion show held in the town’s New Caterham Arms pub. Joanna and Her Vintage Violets  was the title of the evening and the theme was the 1940s-50s and was in aid of a […]

Huddersfield Woman Nathalie Wright Talks About The Misery Of Living With ME


    Story by Nathalie Wright in the Huddersfield Examiner.   In this thought provoking first person feature Huddersfield 22-year-old Nathalie Wright reveals how her life has been devastated by the crippling illness ME. Nathalie grew up in Pole Moor above Slaithwaite, went to Wilberlee Primary School, Crossley Heath School in Halifax and then Greenhead […]

Is There A Way Forward For CFS/ME?


A story from Medical News Today. In 1988, a group of scientists reviewed a set of mysterious symptoms appearing in previously healthy young adults who succumbed to an unexplained, ongoing fatigue so severe that it disrupted their ordinary life. They named it chronic fatigue syndrome. Although it was not named until 1988, 19th-century physicians were already […]

Is it About Getting Better or NOT Getting Worse?


Posted on November 7, 2015 by tipsforme To outline the current backdrop to this post, there’s much heated debate for and against the reliability/validity of the PACE trial methodology. The depth and details of this are beyond the scope of this blog post. The PACE Trial was a large study into CFS (ME) comparing standard […]

Ladies, You’re Famous….It’ll Be A Calendar Next !


  “Let’s Do It For ME” invited me to do a little piece for their take on Movember for Awareness of men’s health issues, which they’ve put out through Facebook. I hope you don’t mind, but as I made mention of our Community, the coffee morning got a mention, along with your photograph ! The […]

Raising ME Awareness


    I know some of you regard yourselves as Techno Luddites but do any of you use Twitter ?  Have family or friends who use Twitter ? As you will know, my big aim is to raise Awareness of ME.  Belief will follow, then the funds to cure this beast.  Part of what I […]

Inaugural Coffee Morning

ME Coffee Mornings

The inaugural coffee morning, on Tuesday 13 October, was well attended by six lovely members and we had, what I hope was, an enjoyable and informal hour and a half chatting about our ME journey’s, life in general, and hobbies, over coffee (or in my case green tea!). Conversation easily flowed, and we were all just “normal” ladies with one common denominator, but […]

Meet Mady Hornig at Norwich Research Park

Dr Mady Hornig in Norwich

Maybe something we should email to our GPs…… Do you have a keen interest in world-leading translational biomedical research into one of the least understood and most misunderstood diseases?  Can you visit Norwich on the evening of 23rd October? Then here is a great opportunity!  This meeting is open to doctors and other healthcare professionals, […]

New Events Module


Hi Everyone Just to let you know that we now have a full event system working. So whether it’s a Coffee Morning or a Slap up xmas lunch (hint, hint) we can now organise it effectively through our site. The Event List at the top of the right hand column has brief details and links […]

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