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How My Life Has Changed Since I Developed ME/CFS


    By Lisa Alloto in The Mighty.   When I was me… I always greeted you with a smile. I may have tried to say something funny to put a smile on your face and I was always excited about whatever plans we had for the day. When I was me… I worked out. […]

Glimpsing The World: My Joy And Pain

Blue and white 3D illustration with the word blog repeated  in different shades

    By Naomi Whittingham in A Life Hidden.   There is an indescribable joy in experiencing the outside world after many months or years of incarceration.  The dance of sunlight through the leaves of trees; the flicker of shadows on grass; the touch of a gentle breeze.  When darkness and isolation have been the foundation of […]

Guest Blog: Life In The Slow Lane – Musings Of A Police Officer On A Diagnosis Of ME/CFS


  From Disabled Police Association.   Colin Paine is a Detective Chief Superintendent in Thames Valley Police. He is currently working on the Police Spending Review with the NPCC. Here he reflects on his diagnosis of Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME)/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).   Police work feels inherently fast paced. It is in the nature of our work that […]

My Secret Life – M.E/CFS Kids And Motherhood


      From the Mystripeylife Blog by Sarah Wells.   I am leading a double life. Each morning I get up, my make up goes on and I leave the house to do the school run.  I make small talk in the playground with friends.  Go to coffee once a week with a group […]

Home Sweet Home


  From the ‘This Thing They Call Recovery’ Blog by Jenny. Sickness is scary, end of. It’s something that you carry with you, you can’t just leave it at home and forget that it’s there. If I’m being honest, my own body scares me a bit. I don’t feel safe in my own skin. Your […]

The Benefits Of Rest In ME/CFS: Swapping Afternoon Naps For Regular Rests


      From Laura’s Pen Blog By Laura Chamberlain.   I am a member of several ME support groups on Facebook and it has shocked me on several occasions to see people ask “My doctor/ME clinic have told me not to nap, but I can’t get through the day with out it. How do you […]

When Self-Doubt Makes You Question Your Own Illness

Laura Chamberlain

      By Laura Chamberlain from her Blog, Laura’s Pen.   How self-doubt nearly stopped me finding an important diagnosis… I have found myself having a very similar conversation with multiple people recently, about self-doubt about your own illness when you’re chronically ill. I’d never previously spoken about it, because, I guess, I don’t […]

#May12BlogBomb For 2017


      By Sally Burch.   May is awareness month for ME, CFS, Fibro and Lyme.  Over the past few years, I have encouraged bloggers to share their awareness raising blogposts using the hashtag #May12BlogBomb. Hashtags like this work on both Facebook and Twitter, because they become hyperlinks to a list of all other […]

Mike’s EU Marathon Challenge

Mike's Marathons

    I’m back running again and 5 weeks into Barcelona training having had some very quiet running weeks of no more than 10 miles per week for a couple of months.  Last October’s two marathons in 4 weeks took a lot out of me mentally and physically so it was good to power down […]

Living With Chronic Fatigue: How I Wish My Friends Would Treat Me

Lucy Mayhew

  By Lucy Mayhew in The Telegraph.   Bear Grylls and I have virtually nothing in common – the survival expert has a GTI turbo-charged body, whereas seven years ago, mine became my jailor. Grylls recently name-checked  kindness as an overlooked quality “critical to survival,” and in the midst of paralysing physical pain, fear and despair I have learned […]

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