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Review: People With ME/CFS Are More Functionally Impaired Than People With Multiple Sclerosis – 19 July 2017


  From The ME Association. Review: People with ME/CFS are more functionally impaired than people with multiple sclerosis | 19 July 2017   Insights into biomedicine, 12 June 2017. This was the main finding from an online study that compared people with ME/CFS with those suffering from multiple sclerosis – a disease that shares an overlap […]

To Those Who Think Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Is Just ‘Tiredness’


  By Hayley Green in The Mighty.   Tiredness. Everyone gets it. That feeling you have after a long day at work, or a restless nights sleep. We can all relate to it. But myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is just when you get tired easily… isn’t it? If you have […]

The Difference Between Chronic Fatigue And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ME Explanation

  By Siohban Simper in The Mighty.     May 12th is International ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day, and throughout the month people are sharing posts which shed a bit more light on these misunderstood illnesses. For more, check out #May12BlogBomb, #MEAwarenessDay and #MillionsMissing on Twitter and Instagram.  One of the most common misconceptions about myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue […]

‘My Body Doesn’t Recover’: ME Sufferer Calls For Greater Research


      By Andrew Brown in The Canberra Times.   Sasha Nimmo used to live an active lifestyle. In addition to full time work, Mrs Nimmo would regularly walk her dog, take yoga and ballet lessons and was in the middle of planning an overseas holiday. That all changed in 2012, when the Oxley […]

18 Things You’ll Only Know If You Suffer With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ME Explanation

    By Hattie Gladwell for   Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) causes persistent fatigue that affects everyday life and doesn’t go away with sleep or rest.  CFS is also known as ME, which stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis. CFS is a serious condition that can cause long-term illness and disability, but many people – particularly children and […]

The Dangers Of Pushing Yourself On The ‘Good Days’ Of Illness


  By Caroline Christian in The Mighty.   As I waited in the examination room, my excitement grew about seeing one of the world’s leading specialists for my condition, myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). I had seen him six months prior and felt that we were finally ready to get down to the business of improving […]

What I Actually Mean When I Say I’m ‘Tired’


    By Sarah Scarisbrick-Rowe in The Mighty.   Since being diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, “tired” has become one of my most commonly used words. It’s a word we all use. Everyone gets tired. Whether it’s at the end of a busy day or as you drag yourself out of bed early in the morning, we […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome A Kick In The Guts

Gut Bacteria

  By Florienne Loder, University of Melbourne. As the New Year gets going, are you still feeling tired and run down? Do you feel like you could sleep for a week and that you’ve reached the limit of your energy? Some regular sleep is probably all you need to revitalise you. But for some it’s […]

“Chronic Fatigue Is Not A Condition Of The Mind”


    By Kate Liptrot in The Press.   Reports that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also  known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), can be treated with psychological therapies have frustrated those living with a very physical condition For Bill Clayton, there has been little progress in understanding ME since it was first derided as “yuppie flu”. Bill, who was diagnosed […]

When I’m Asked, ‘But Don’t You Want To Get Better?’


    By Carla Robinson in The Mighty.     As you may know if you have read my other post, 5 Ways Being Chronically Ill Is Worse Than I Expected, I am quite seriously and chronically ill. However, the biggest problem I face is the fact that I don’t look sick. I even wrote about how that […]

Noise Sensitivity In Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

AFP6E1 Silhouette of a woman sitting by a window in a dim room and holding her head

    By Adrienne Dellwo in Very Well.   To the common person, a lot of noise can possibly cause a headache and irritability. When you have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, loud, repetitive, grating or otherwise annoying sounds can cause a whole host of symptoms. A recent blog comment here said it really well: “After  an […]

Gut Bacteria Are Different In People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Gut Bacteria

  By Nicholas Bakalar in The New York Times.   A new study has identified a bacterial blueprint for chronic fatigue syndrome, offering further evidence that it is a physical disease with biological causes and not a psychological condition. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that causes extreme and lasting fatigue, preventing people from taking […]

New Research Unlocking Mysteries Behind Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


    By Lauren Pelley, Staff Reporter at   Scott Simpson remembers the exact day his whole world changed. It was August 9, 2012, and the then 47-year-old medal-winning triathlete woke up with a feeling unlike anything he’d experienced before. It was a deep, inexplicable fatigue and sickness affecting every part of his body, including […]

Comorbid Conditions In Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


    By Adrienne Dellwo in Very Well.   Overlapping Conditions Overlapping (comorbid) conditions are ailments that frequently occur together. Fibromyalgia syndrome(FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS or ME/CFS) are generally considered overlapping conditions. FMS and ME/CFS also have a host of other overlapping conditions associated with them. These include other pain disorders, sleep problems, major depression, […]

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