NIH Brings In New Faces And Looks To The Future In Accelerating ME/CFS Research Conference


  By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.   Conferences are exciting because they’re virtually the only place one can go to learn about breaking research.  The NIH ME/CFS conference, with its bevy of new faces that’s taking place on the NIH campus itself on April 4th and 5th, certainly fulfills that need. Many of the heavy […]

Trial By Error: “Talk Is Cheap,” Patients Tell NIH

David Tuller

    By David Tuller, DrPH. Earlier this month, NIH director Francis Collins and other agency officials held a meeting with five representatives from #MEAction. According to the group’s post about the meeting, the goal was “to discuss accelerating research in order to more rapidly provide diagnostics and treatments to people with ME.” Specifically, #MEAction urged […]

Trial By Error: The CDC’s Update For Healthcare Providers

David Tuller

    By David Tuller, DrPH.   Last summer, the US Centers for Disease Control removed graded exercise therapy and cognitive behavior therapy from its website as recommendations for treatment of the illness it was by then calling ME/CFS. Its stated explanation for the change–that readers had misunderstood the recommendations–was nonsense. Readers understood all too well what […]

Why the Medical Research Grant System Could Be Costing Us Great Ideas


    By Aaron E. Carroll in The New York Times.   The medical research grant system in the United States, run through the National Institutes of Health, is intended to fund work that spurs innovation and fosters research careers. In many ways, it may be failing. It has been getting harder for researchers to obtain grant support. A […]

October 2017 Research 1st – Dr. Nahle Letter


    From the Solve ME/CFS Initiative.   Dear Friends, On Saturday, October 14th, we held our annual Discovery Forum in Washington, DC. The forum, now in its second year, brought together leaders with affiliations in academia, biotech, government, research, and clinical settings. The driving concept of the forum was to be disrupt the status […]

Solving The Mystery Of Chronic Fatigue


    By Matt McMillen in Webmd.   It is a very complex, very real physical disease, and one that for years has caused uncertainty, confusion and even dismissal by many medical professionals. But now, thanks to a new, multi-year grant, there is hope for a better understanding and treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS. In […]

NIH Awards $10.6m Research Center Grant To The Jackson Laboratory For Study Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


    By Joyce Dall’Acqua Peterson in The Jackson Laboratory website.   As part of a major, multi-institutional, multidisciplinary assault against myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), a highly debilitating and poorly understood chronic disease, Jackson Laboratory (JAX) Professor Derya Unutmaz, M.D., has received a five-year grant totalling $10,553,732 from the National Institutes of Health. This Center will be […]

As Summer Ends, A Warning To NIH


  By Adriane Tillman in #MEAction.   Johanna Kaiser, a person who has had ME for decades, sent this open letter over Labor Day to Dr. Walter Koroshetz, director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and Dr. Francis Collins, director of National Institutes of Health (NIH). Staff member Adriane Tillman only posted the article.  Dear Dr. Walter Koroshetz and […]

Moving Toward Answers In ME/CFS


    by Dr. Walter Koroshetz and Dr. Francis Collins in NIH.   Imagine going to work or school every day, working out at the gym, spending time with family and friends—basically, living your life in a full and vigorous way. Then one day, you wake up, feeling sick. A bad cold maybe, or perhaps […]

Dr Ian Lipkin Responds To The NIH ME/CFS Request For Information

Dr Ian Lipkin

    From The Microbe Discovery Project.   Dr. Lipkin, Director of the Center for Infection and Immunity (CII) at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, has responded to the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) request for information (RFI). The NIH had requested input for research strategies for (ME/CFS). This response in the letter below, articulates concisely and clearly, […]

Why MEAdvocacy Does Not Applaud The News From NIH…Yet


  Posted by Gabby Klein on December 02, 2015. The Announcement  The myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) community has welcomed and applauded the National Institutes of Health (NIH) News Release announcing a strengthening of efforts by the NIH to advance research for the disease.  The overwhelming feeling is that the promises outlined in the announcement […]

Is This Why You’re Still So Tired?


Chronic fatigue syndrome finally gets its due. By Cheryl Platzman Weinstock   Eight years ago, Ann Cavanagh Kramer was promoted to director of commercial sales at Visa. She transferred across the country to work at the company’s San Francisco Bay Area office and spent the next six months traveling to attend conferences and meet potential […]

NIH: Time For Real Scientists To Study ME/CFS


  Story by Russell Logan in SHOUTABOUTME.   The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced several measures to boost research into ME/CFS, although full details of its proposal and funding allocations are yet to be released. Broadly, a multi-institute study at the NIH Clinical Center will begin, focusing on patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Gains Funding, And Controversy


An article by Miriam E Tucker People who suffer from the condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome are accustomed to being dismissed by health care professionals and to only occasional mentions of their condition in the media. These past few weeks have been a notable exception, but with quite different conversations going on in the […]

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