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Why Is Music So Hard For People With ME/CFS ?

  By Jody Smith in Pheonix Rising. Oh, how I love music! This magic can lift our spirits and calm our weary minds. Maybe it can even help us heal. Goodness knows, we who live with ME/CFS need these things. We’re probably not getting much of this elsewhere. So if music is so good for […]

2018 Budget Gives NIH Big Boost – ME/CFS CDC Program Spared – Insurance Markets Not Stabilized

  By Cort Johnson in Phoenix Rising.   NIH Budget Grows for Third Year in a Row For the past two years Donald Trump has tried to cut the NIH budget significantly but NIH spending has bipartisan support and the 2018 budget resolution increased NIH funding significantly (once again). – about 10% or $3 billion […]

Doctor’s Visit Symptom Checklist

  From Phoenix Rising.   Dr. Katrina Berne, a clinical psychologist and author who specializes in ME/CFS & fibromyalgia, has developed a comprehensive symptom checklist she advises her patients to complete and take to their doctors. This form should be updated every few months to document your symptoms and your progress. It’s especially helpful in […]

My Million Dollar Question: Virus Or Immune Malfunction ?

    By Phoenix Burger in Phoenix Rising. Is this the million dollar question for everyone here? Its my million dollar question. And as the months go by, and “whatever it is” continues to creep up on me, I get more and more frustrated because I know I could be taking action. But the possible […]

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