Start A Ripple

Start A Ripple Taught as kids to always careIf you had a friend, to always be thereGive up your seat, without a fussCarry the lady’s shopping off the bus Add a little something to someone’s dayGive a smile as you pass their wayThe little nod or smile you shareMight be enough to show that you […]

When I Were A Lad

    Just for no reason at all, I thought this might get your memories flickering……if you’re anywhere near my age ! When I Were A Lad When I were a lad Things weren’t so bad Despite living in black and white There was fun to be had And times were mad, Even if money […]

The Legion Man

   He stands with pride As well he might Medals upon his chest With memories of the fallen Who died to protect the rest   The Legion Man Does all he can To make passers-by aware To open their eyes, to prioritise To take time out to care   Passers by Try not to catch […]

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