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How To Track Down Your Old Pensions


    From SAGA Magazine.   There’s more than £400 million of unclaimed pension savings in the UK, here are our top tips for tracing your old pension pots… More and more people are moving jobs several times throughout their working life and accruing multiple pension pots along the way. With the disappearance of the […]

The Care Home Fee Trap


  By Paul Lewis in SAGA Magazine.   The fear of having to sell a home to pay for care is being exploited by commercial firms offering risky schemes to shelter homes from means-testing. Don’t fall for them. There are other, perfectly legitimate ways to preserve the value of a family home. When someone moves […]

The Health Benefits Of Fermented Food

Gut Bacteria

  By Patsy Westcott in SAGA Magazine.   Fermentation is one of the hottest food trends right now – but why all the fuss about this ancient method of food preservation? Fermented foods have been part of our diet ever since our ancient ancestors cottoned on to the idea that fermentation helped to preserve food. With the […]

Smartwatches As Medical Devices: How Your Smartwatch Could Save Your Life


  By Carlton Boyce in SAGA Magazine.   Smartphones and smartwatches have earned their place in our lives – but could they go one step further and actually save our lives? I’m not a fan of stuff. Stuff clogs your life up and traps you into a never-ending arms race to buy the latest, newest and shiniest […]

How Much Does It Cost To Charge Your Phone Or Tablet ?

Smart Phones

  From SAGA Magazine.   Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones are far more powerful than mobile phones of old. Crammed with computer processors, ablaze with brilliant screens and sporting decent speakers means a limited battery life that leaves you constantly hooking your device up to the mains for a recharge. Worse […]

10 Memory-Boosting Foods


  From SAGA Magazine.   From brain-friendly oily fish to memory-enhancing rosemary, here are 10 foods that scientific studies show can help boost your powers of recall. Our brains require a variety of nutrients to function well, so it comes as no surprise that what you eat can affect your cognitive skills and ability to […]

Health Benefits Of Chocolate


  From SAGA magazine.   Chocoholics can now nibble on their favourite treat without feeling guilty because it could actually have health-giving properties. The secret is revealed to be naturally occurring substances in chocolate that may offer some degree of protection against heart disease and related circulatory disorders. Many studies have shown that food rich in flavonals, […]

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