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How Will Inflation Affect My State Pension ?


  By Paul Lewis in SAGA Magazine.   Every April, state pensions and benefits for older people are increased to help them pay for the rising cost of food, energy and other essentials. But this year the amount paid to around two million of the poorest pensioners will not keep up with rising prices, as […]

10 Essential Superfoods For Men Over 50


  By Daniel Coughlin in SAGA Magazine.   According to the British Nutrition Foundation, 50-plus men tend to have slower metabolisms than guys in their 20s, and may require fewer calories overall to stay in good shape. They also benefit from foods that are rich in certain nutrients which support older men’s health. Tomatoes Tomatoes are loaded […]

Film Review: Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour

  By David Gritten in SAGA Magazine.   It’s tempting to wonder how the cinema world would have coped this past year if not for films set during World War II. There’s been Christopher Nolan’s majestic Dunkirk, of course, and Churchill, starring Brian Cox having a gallant stab at playing a troubled, hesitant Winston. And now comes Darkest Hour, with Gary […]

What Is Open Banking ?


  By Holly Thomas in SAGA Magazine.   Open banking was introduced on 13 January this year – find out more about what it is, and how it could help you save money. Open banking was introduced this month for current accounts – but what exactly is it? Put simply, it will allow companies to access current […]

Don’t Fall Victim To Pension Scams


  From SAGA Magazine.   January is a time when many people start to get their finances in order for the year ahead and this could include making decisions about pension savings and where to invest them. But be wary of cold callers and guaranteed returns… Pension savings are an investment in your future, your […]

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