Smile Trial

Trial By Error: The School Absence Study, Revisited

David Tuller

  By David Tuller, DrPH.   This post is about a serious issue–ethical approval for research studies involving children. It is also about how powerful institutions, like leading medical journals, respond to concerns. But the story is really too long and complicated. I recommend it only for those following things pretty closely or who for […]

Trial By Error: My Questions For The Science Media Centre

David Tuller

  By David Tuller, DrPH.   On September 20, 2017, a BMJ Publishing Group journal, Archives of Disease in Childhood published the SMILE trial. This trial investigated an intervention called the Lightning Process as a treatment for kids with CFS/ME (as the study called the disease). The lead investigator was Professor Esther Crawley, the University of Bristol pediatrician and a well-known […]

The SMILE Trial Lightning Process For Children With CFS: Results Too Good To Be True ?


    A guest post by Dr. Keith Geraghty Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, Centre for Primary Care, Division of Population Health and Health Services Research in James C Coyne’s website, Coyne of the Realm.   The Advertising Standards Authority previously ruled that the Lightning Process (LP) should not be advertised as […]

Science Media Centre Concedes Negative Reaction From Scientific Community To Coverage Of Esther Crawley’s SMILE Trial


  By James C Coyne.   Those of us who are accustomed to the Science Media Centre UK (SMC) highly slanted coverage of select topics  can detect a familiar defensive, yet self-congratulatory tone to an editorial put out by the SMC in reaction to its broad coverage of Esther Crawley’s SMILE trial of the quack treatment, Phil Parker’s […]

Wearing A Forced Smile


  By mrspoonseeker.   Time after time over the years, people with M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis) have had to put up with hearing total bunkum about their condition, but rarely does the ‘science’ get as flaky as last Thursday’s announcements on the ‘Smile’ Trial, a study which purported to assess the efficacy of the ‘Lightning Process’ for children […]

The SMILE Trial And Its Not-So-Happy Aftermath – A Statement From Invest In ME Research


  From Invest in ME Research.   Invest in ME Research has never approved of the Lightning Process (LP) business and its model of operation where former ‘recovered’ patients pay a lot of money to become practitioners of this Trade Mark training programme. We view this as a pyramid business – unregulated, unaccountable and unscientific. […]

#MEAction Rejects The Findings Of The SMILE Trial Of The Lightning Process For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


    From #MEAction.   Trial Uses Flawed Methodology That Can Lead To False Positives Following the release of the results of the SMILE trial, Ben HsuBorger of ME Action said: “The SMILE trial of the Lightning Process, a known quack treatment, for ME/CFS, used unblinded treatment coupled with subjective, self-report outcomes. It illustrates that such serious […]

The Smile Trial (Part 3) – (The Lightning Process)


    By johnthejack.   The only one to benefit is Parker. The last of three blogs on the SMILE trial. Part one is here and part two here.   The SMILE trial was deeply flawed: criteria used were too broad, participants self-selected, it was not properly controlled and it relied upon subjective measures when participants […]

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