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Leaving Frailty Behind – A Conversation With Laura Hillenbrand

  From Stanford Medicine.   She is an author of extraordinary success. Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit and Unbroken are literary phenomenons: Together, there are more than 13 million copies in print, and both have been made into blockbuster motion pictures. Seabiscuit, published in 2001, tells the story of a racehorse that captured America’s heart during the Great Depression. Unbroken, published in 2010, […]

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Initiative

    From Stanford Medicine   Welcome The ME/CFS Initiative conducts extensive clinical research in an effort to improve diagnosis and treatment of this debilitating illness. Stanford Medicine has had great success in engaging and collaborating with nearly 50 researchers across Stanford University and beyond. Together, they have discovered various potential biomarkers that have confirmed […]

Adult Stem Cells Act Differently In The Body Than When Isolated For Study, Say Stanford Researchers

  By Krista Conger in Stanford Medicine.   I think it’s fair to say that most people act at least somewhat differently in public than they do in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. I don’t walk around in my pajamas at the grocery store or spend much time fussing over my hair when I […]

Researchers Identify Biomarkers Associated With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Severity

  From Stanford Medicine.   Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have linked chronic fatigue syndrome to variations in 17 immune-system signalling proteins, or cytokines, whose concentrations in the blood correlate with the disease’s severity. The findings provide evidence that inflammation is a powerful driver of this mysterious condition, whose underpinnings have eluded researchers for […]

Leaving Frailty Behind

    From Stanford Medicine.   She is an author of extraordinary success. Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit and Unbroken are literary phenomenons: Together, there are more than 13 million copies in print and both have been made into blockbuster motion pictures. She wrote the books while besieged by the debilitating disease, chronic fatigue syndrome. Stricken in 1987, she […]

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