The 10 Most Filling Low-Calorie Foods


Poached Eggs


By Daniel Coughlin in Saga Magazine.


These filling low-calorie foods can help you feel fuller for longer when you’re on a diet.

Keen to drop a few pounds? Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume, but this can leave you feeling hungry and liable to reach for the nearest chocolate bar, undoing all your good work.

Eating extra-filling low-calorie foods will help you stave off the hunger pangs and resist temptation. “If you’re increasing the portions of low calorie, high volume foods, then you will be left feeling fuller but without the added calories,” says registered dietitian Nichola Whitehead.

The Satiety Index, which was devised in the ’90s, ranks 38 common foods in terms of their ability to hit the spot and satisfy hunger – foods that boast scores over 100% are most filling. These foods tend to be high in protein, fibre, resistant starch, volume and/or low in energy density. Here are the 10 most filling low calorie foods to stock up on, according to the index.


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