The 20 Best Supplements For Pain & Fatigue




By Jo Moss in A Journey Through The Fog.


Pain and fatigue are probably the two most common symptoms across a whole host of medical conditions.

It is estimated that around 43% of people in the UK experience chronic pain – this equates to 28 million in the UK alone. In the US this figure is over 100 million, and Worldwide it’s 1.5 billion. Fatigue is also prevalent within society today, with growing numbers experiencing chronic, persistent fatigue. And for those of us living with chronic illness, debilitating fatigue is often a constant companion.

I have spent a lot of time over the years experimenting with different supplements to try to tackle these symptoms, and I know many of my followers have too. I also know many people like myself are hypersensitive to prescription medication and not everyone can tolerate the side effects. And sometimes we just want a natural alternative.


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