The Benefits Of Rest In ME/CFS: Swapping Afternoon Naps For Regular Rests





From Laura’s Pen Blog By Laura Chamberlain.


I am a member of several ME support groups on Facebook and it has shocked me on several occasions to see people ask “My doctor/ME clinic have told me not to nap, but I can’t get through the day with out it. How do you cope?”. Now this is small part of a piece of advice I was given that has proven very helpful, but this part on its own, I feel, is dangerous to patients.

Please notein this post I am just relaying advice I have been given and works for me. We are all different and different things work better for different people but hopefully some of you who are new to pacing and managing your ME might find some useful tips to take away. And FYI, I am a moderate ME sufferer.

Many of us have discovered that “pushing through”, which is what happens if you are told to just stop napping, can cause a major deterioration in our health. Many seem to be asking for stimulants to help them get through the day, because without a nap, this is the only option. Unfortunately, this usually just masks how exhausted you are in the moment, it doesn’t mean you will feel any better the next day, in fact you’re likely to feel worse because masking your exhaustion means you’ll probably push yourself harder.


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