The Fear In My Doctor’s Eyes



By Anil van der Zee in CAPTURE.DANCE.WORDS.


The honeymoon.

Before becoming ill, my relationship with the medical world was always great. It was pretty much straightforward really.

During my profession as a dancer, injuries were of course always of a concern. I had to be in close contact with doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors. The only way was up. Back to full health and recovery. I was considered a reliable dancer with a focus on “the show must go on” and a patient with great resilience.

When I contracted a cytomegaloviral infection and didn’t seem to be recovering, that all came to a squeaking halt. I tried all the go-to treatments like graded exercise therapy (GET) which didn’t really seem to work. In fact the building up of my activity levels made me significantly worse!


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