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If you have M.E., the following might help you practically:


If anyone can recommend good GPs in the Maidstone area for M.E. sufferers, please let us know.

Try to get a supportive G.P. They are the gateway to much needed benefits. If you can’t get a supportive G.P., empower yourself with knowledge about M.E. If you’re too ill to do this, encourage your carer to do this for you. Do be aware that in your search for knowledge, you will find a lot of lies written about M.E./CFS, especially of the psychological/psychiatric kind.

Canadian Guidelines

Get yourself a copy of the Canadian Guidelines, proper title, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Clinical Case Definition and Guidelines for Medical Practitioners (authors, Carruthers and van de Sande), published 2005. These, along with the International Consensus Criteria, are probably the best medical guidelines for both doctor and patient.  They can be downloaded from this website under ‘Links‘; alternatively, you can buy a hard copy for under £2 from Invest in M.E. at, or phone 02380 251719.

Why not give a copy of either the Canadian Guidelines or International Guidelines to your G.P?

The New International Consensus Criteria for M.E.

This is an even more recent criteria (2011) than the Canadian.  It separates M.E. as a distinct entity from CFS.  The International Criteria (Adult & Paediatric) can be obtained from us, The Grace Charity for M.E.  Alternatively, it can be viewed and downloaded at Invest in M.E. Link to Criteria.


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