The Great Salt Debate: Does Consuming Less Really Save Lives ?



By Francesco Cappuccio and Ceu Mateus in The Conversation.


For years, public health officials have been telling us that too much salt is bad for our health. Others have questioned the evidence for this claim. It’s Salt Awareness Week, so what better time to ask two experts for their views on the topic.


The case for reducing salt intake

Francesco Cappuccio: Lowering salt intake reduces blood pressure, stroke and other blood-vessel-related disease, so avoiding 1.25m premature deaths a year worldwide. This is effective in men and women of all ages, ethnic groups and incomes. The United Nations and the World Health Organisation have thoroughly reviewed all the evidence with panels of experts from five continents. They concluded that population programmes of moderate salt reduction (to 5g per day) are feasible, effective, cheap, powerful, quick and equitable.


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Updated: 3rd March 2016 — 9:03 am

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