The IACFS/ME 2016 Conference Overviews #1: Energy And Exercise To The Fore

Cort Johnson


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


The wind blew like mad all four days of the conference. Maybe those are winds of change…

A sense of excitement and hope I hadn’t seen before pervaded this conference.  More than anything else, this was a conference of possible beginnings. Fields of inquiry such as metabolomics are being opened up that promise much. Time, of course, will be the great arbiter, but right now hope is in the air.

Dr. John Whiting, who’s been attending these conferences for years said it rather feels like the Berlin Wall falling – things seem to be dropping into place. Let’s hope so. One thing seems sure; the next  year or two are going to be exciting. Dr. Fluge’s statement, “We’re just scratching the surface. Give us a year.” suggested much more is to come.

As new possibilities for understanding the energy problem in ME/CFS emerge, using exercise as a stressor to characterise the effects of energy depletion in ME/CFS are on the rise. Those studies continue to underscore not just how impaired the energy production system is in ME/CFS, but how many ways it can be impaired.

Before that – a note of thanks to an organisation we probably too often take for granted. This conference – the 12th conference the IACFS/ME has hosted – brought patients, doctors and researchers from around the world to discuss and collaborate on this disease.


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