The Importance Of Being Believed By Doctors




By Jordan LaMark in The Mighty.


Before I got sick, I shared the opinion that many people might have — the idea that doctors have all the answers and can always diagnose and treat illnesses. I had never experienced going to a doctor and having them not know what was wrong, or know what was wrong and not be able to do anything. If you had told me I could go to a doctor terrified, slowly starving to death and crying in agony and have them tell me that it was all in my head, I would not have believed you.

Not being believed is one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through. It’s bizarre, too, because in life people generally believe you, right? I still don’t understand why I can go to a doctor who’s never met me before and their default position is not believing me. I’m an honest person and I work hard to fight through hardships with as little help possible, so being treated like I’m a liar, complainer or drug-seeker hurts me on a deeply personal level. The frustration of telling my story, including embarrassing details, going through tests that are often humiliating and painful, and still having doctors dismiss me is beyond comprehension and more frustrating than I can explain. I’m sure many of you reading this may have had the same experience.



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